Meet the Founder + Owner

the grazer co.

The grazer co. is a labor of love company that specializes in creating a beautiful, highly styled grazing box, board + table for the Opelika/Auburn area.

Our grazer creator, Nitda Louangkhoth, is a local woman who is passionate about entertaining her family and guests with delicious spreads at her dinner table.

Nitda, daughter of Lao Refugees and a first generation Asian-American, was born in a Thailand refugee camp. In the mid 80s, her family settled in Opelika, a place where she calls home.

Nitda grew up not having a lot but she remember her mother always creating small dishes for her family and friends to graze on. And those memories left a big impact on her. This led her to opening up the grazer co. She wants to share that love with you and your guests through her grazing ideas.

Her ideas for these creative arrangements guarantee that you’ll end up with a beautiful charcuterie board that looks (almost) too good to eat. Every order is curated and artfully designed with a selection of cheeses and cured meats, accompanied by bread, dips, a variety of seasonal fruits, and more! The crowd-pleasing arrangements are tasty for the grazers while low-maintenance for the host.

You can start small with a “date night” for two, or impress the crew with our feasting boards like the “social grazer” or even a grazer table for a show-stopping party centerpiece. Regardless how big or small your order is, she is always looking forward to creating an elevated grazing experience for you!

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